4 Exercises That Boost Sexual Stamina And Strength

Life is too short for bad sex and relationships. So let’s not waste it and try to improve on our sex lives. How may you ask?

Believe it or not, a simple solution is exercising. Research shows that if you burn as little as 200 additional calories a day. Moreover, it can treat the signs and symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Sexual Stamina And Strength Brings Long-Lasting Sex

Exercises or yoga has been done for centuries now and helps men in the best ways. Apart from developing a healthy sexual life, exercising has benefitted an overall fitness. This is the reason why; we have come up with four effective exercises that can help men in building a healthy sexual life.

Let’s a look at each exercise that can help you in the best way.

1: Kegels

You might ask aren’t Kegels for women? Kegels can be beneficial for men too.

Kegels develop endurance, control over pubococcygeus muscles and perineal muscles. These muscles help alleviate erectile dysfunction and delay ejaculation by contracting just before orgasm.

It is also recommended for premature ejaculation and other health issues like overactive bladder, pelvic issues.

The toning of these muscles gives you control over ejaculation.

You can start by getting familiar with these muscles. While urinating, try and stop the flow. There, the muscles which stopped the flow are pubococcygeus muscles and perineal muscles.

Once you are familiar with these muscles, you can start contracting and releasing them. DO NOT hold your breath, tighten your stomach or squeeze your buttocks.

Kegels: tighten your stomach or squeeze your buttocks

The contract, hold them for 10-20 seconds and then release. Try to increase the duration of the contraction and reps.

Take a 5 seconds gap in between reps. 10-20 reps should do it.

2: Stability Ball Crunches

Everyone knows what crunches and what their benefits are. Just to revise, crunches strengthen your core.

A strong core means a stronger thrusting ability. It also helps when you are not on top. A stability ball crunch is a tougher variation of normal crunches.

These crunches will increase your balance in various poses.

Take a stability ball and place your middle back on it. Place your hands on the nape of your neck. Your feet should be on the ground firmly, thighs and legs apart.

The distance between the thighs and legs should not be more than your hips. Now roll your head and chest forwards till muscles in your stomach tighten.

Stability Ball Crunches

Take it as deeper as you can without compromising the position. Do 30 crunches and repeat three times.

3: Interval Training

Interval training doesn’t need any equipment and can be done as a general fitness routine by men and women anywhere.

This simple exercise can be done in a park, jogging track, treadmill, elliptical or on a bike. This will increase your overall stamina and endurance.

You need to do some stretches and warms before starting your intervals. Start your interval at full speed as fast and hard as you can.

Do this for 30 seconds and slow down for a minute. Repeat. See not so tough. This is something you can do 2-3 times a week, need not do daily.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will help you enhance not only sexual health but also boost stamina and strength.

HIIT type of training is used by many elite athletes, especially boxers and MMA fighters. HIIT is the best way to boost testosterone, too.

4: Plank Pose

Plank pose will increase your stamina for the missionary and other on the top positions. The plank pose benefits many muscle groups like shoulder, arms, core, glutes, quads, inner thighs and abs.

This pose improves your movements and also supports your lower back. This will increase your overall endurance and stamina, be it general or in the bedroom.

Plank pose is the simplest but the toughest exercise on this list. Simple because this is only one step and toughest because it needs a lot of willpower to hold the pose.

Lay down on your chest, with your hands near your chest. Push your whole body up, like you’d do for a push-up and hold.

Plank Pose

See told you simplest and toughest. Hold for 20 seconds, do this 2 minutes. 5 to 10 reps are recommended in a day. There is a variation you can try. Try to hold the pose with one arm.

Our Recommendation

Aren’t these exercises simple? If you follow them regularly, you should be able to last longer and harder.

Though these exercises are worth trying, we advise not to stress your body over its limit to cause any pain.

No more disappointments. Just keep in mind these are not a replacement for medication. Consult your doctor, if you are medication.

Let us know if we missed something or you would like to add something to the list.

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