Ways To Enhance Orgasms

Orgasms play an important role to take the intercourse onto next level. The ejaculation of semen after the sheer sexual excitement is the best feeling. Scientifically, the contraction of muscles in the pelvic region loses ejaculation. In a casual tone, it is the best feeling ever and after wild sex is the bestest!

Ways To Enhance Orgasms

Semen or sperm plays an important role in reproduction which is why it is essential that men keep them healthy. Semen has to maintain healthily and for that man should maintain physical fitness.

And to maintain healthy semen quality and quantity, read the below the pointers.


Cardiovascular exercises and yoga can help strength semen, increases the quality and the quantity of the same. Not only it enhances orgasms but also lifts the mood and desires. Also, it increases the production of testosterone.

Exercise Daily To Enhance Sex Life


According to the journal Hormones and Behavior, the love drug, oxytocin help with intense orgasms. A little foreplay like cuddling to kissing to hugging, it can strengthen the mood and enhances the performance. This is the reason why foreplay plays an important role in keeping the performance breath-taking.


Make sure you take a hot bath before sex. You must be thinking why? The answer is, heat boosts the blood flow in the penis and enhances moods. It boosts the neurotransmitters that keep the performance strong and intense.

Hot Shower Enhances Mood And Performance


Men tend to hold their breath while they are about to ejaculate; this is the reason why it releases semen. So whenever you feel you are about to climax, take a deep breath from your belly and inhale deeply. Count four while you take a deep breath and exhale slowly out from the mouth.

Eat Healthily

To enhance orgasms, it is the best thing to heat properly and maintain a nutritional diet. Eat food that has loads of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and calcium. Maintain a healthy diet to keep the penis and the semen strong and powerful.

Eat Healthily To Maintain Physical Fitness

Start And Stop

The best thing a man can do to control their ejaculation play a small game of start and stop. Not only it enhances the ejaculation but also blocks the climax for some time, helping you to continue more. Start and stop technique is basically start the intercourse and stop when you are about to climax. Divert your mind with erotic foreplay and begin again.


One of the most annoying yet effective technique is to talk. Make sure you talk completely different from the present topic. Diverting the mind can help divert ejaculation that keeps you busy with intercourse.

Bottom Line

Keeping orgasms strong and active is essential, and for that, you need to keep yourself fit. And the best way to keep yourself fit is through good exercise and food diet.

Maintain a healthy track of these to enhance your mood, intercourse and of course, climax. Though sometimes it is difficult to control the climax but you need to practice to keep up the performance.

Lastly, try using these techniques to boost your sex life and enhance your orgasms.

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