Why Is It Essential To Have Bigger Penis Size And How To Increase Them?

Last updated on October 10th, 2018

The size of the penis nowadays has started to matter a lot. Most partner desires their man to have a bigger penis that can help satisfy the needs in the best way. With the growing desires towards penis size and girth, most men now are trying to increase inches.

Why Is It Essential To Have Bigger Penis Size And How To Increase Them

According to the sources, most people desire to have their partner’s penis muscular, powerful and long. This is the reason why many male enhancement pills can help to increase the penis size.

Before we look at various ways to increase size, let’s see why it is essential to have a bigger penis.

Why Is It Essential?

Sex experts believe bigger penis can help boost the sexual confidence, resulting in a bed-breaking performance. A bigger penis can help give fantastic sex, satisfies the partner and their desires in the best way.

Moreover, some men think bigger penis makes them more muscular and masculine, which, indeed, is true. Thicker the penis is the stronger the confidence.

However, many men believe shorter penis does not satisfy their partner to the whole. Not only this but my source further reveals that most women get upset with a shorter penis.

Although, scientifically, shorter penises, do satisfy the desires in the best way; but bigger ones boost the confidence and performance.

Interestingly, I came across a man (I can’t name him) that believes bigger penis enjoy blowjobs in the best way. Also, it can give the most intense and satisfying orgasms that one can only dream.

However, do you know that if you can increase penis size, there are changes of reduction too? This is only possible when a man keeps his sexual health and organ lethargic and poor.

The list below is some of the reasons behind the reduction in penis size, drastically:

  • Excess Smoking
  • Drug Overdose
  • Side-Effects Of Medicines
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Lesser Testosterone Levels
  • Poor Food Diet
  • Insomnia

Insomnia Can Lower Testosterone Resulting Penis Size Reduction

These are some of the reasons that can adversely affect the natural penis size and girth. So, if you desire to maintain the penis size then limit the toxic habits mentioned above. Also, keep the testosterone levels at its best.

There are other ways as well, let’s take a look at them to help increase the penis size.

Various Ways to Increase The Size Of Penis

I know you must be eager to understand the various ways that can help you increase your desires. However, we would like to advise men to not overuse or overdose these techniques for the sake of faster results. This may not be helpful to you but might affect your penis adversely! Trust me, it can!

According to the reports, some of the below-mentioned techniques can be effective if used correctly. So let’s not waste time and get on to the business.

Penis Traction Device

Reportedly, this device gains its popularity through its effective results for Peyronie’s disease. No doubt, this device is gentle but also stretches the penis tissues to increase the size.

Some believe the device releases the tension when stretched soft penis tissues, motivating to grow new soft tissues. Although, this device may increase the size but can cause itching and a sore dickhead.

Penis Traction Device

Penis Pumps

Although such penis pumps give me weird feelings, some men use to aid Erectile Dysfunction. Ideally, penis pumps can help motivate blood flow to the penis, making it look large and swell.

The American Urologic Association believes such penis pumps may not be safe and healthy to increase size and thickness. However, these pumps have side-effects too! It can affect the penis’s sensitivity, erection and cause nerve damage and infection.

Penis Enlargement Supplement

Such pills and supplements are growing popular nowadays, and they are tending to show results. Such supplements are cost-effective and health effective if used pills that have natural ingredients.

The natural ingredients can help to increase the size, girth of the penis as well as improves the sexual health. As per my research, there are sporadic cases of side-effects from such products.

Penis Growth Surgery

There are two surgeries available for penis enlargement, the Penis Widening, and Penis Lengthening. According to some health experts, such surgeries are not effective to show results.

Moreover, such surgeries invite painful surgeries to the penis and overall sexual health. Penis enlargement surgeries may cause harmful effects on the penis, making him bumpy, uneven and lumpy. Also, it can damage the elastic tissues of the penis, affecting the erection.

Penis Growth Surgery Can Affect Erections Negatively


These are the techniques that can help men to increase their penis size. Although some methods are full of side-effects, I think Penis Enlargement Supplements can be effective.

But, if you choose a pill that has natural ingredients. The organic herbs can help to increase the dream as well can help improve various aspects, affecting sexual health positively.

So, now it’s up to you, for what you chose for your penis dreams!

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